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VERMONT DOME TOP BOX. Vividly and boldly paint decorated. Attributed to Thomas Matteson, South Shaftsbury, Vermont. Excellent condition. Fabulous color and design. Size: 28 x 14 x 14. Boxes with this highly desirable paint decoration rarely come to the market and when they do they're competitively sought after and treasured. c1825



CAST IRON JENNY LIND HEAD. This has very strong cast in details and good oxidized color and surface. Size: 7.5 x 5.25 c1890 Excellent condition.



RARE BULLSEYE MOLD BLOWN GLOBE WHALE OIL LANTERN. These lanterns are becoming harder to locate. While it has some roughness on its bottom cap, overall the condition is good! Original globe and burner. Size: 11.25 inches tall at the ring.



CIRCUS HORSE WEATHERVANE. This horse is the largest of the lightning rod weathervanes measuring 16 x 12 x 1. It includes a custom metal display stand. I especially liked its gilded color and surface which you normally don't see on these vanes. Most were painted silver. Circa 1920-30



DECORATED REDWARE CANNING JAR. This jar is taller than most Iíve seen and that makes it unusual. A few very minor rim chips but overall, excellent and free of hairlines, cracks or other damage. Size: 10.5 x 6.5 in diameter.



A. L. JEWELL & CO., WALTHAM, MASSACHUSETTS. C1855-1867. Full body form depicting an eagle landing on a sphere. Composition: Cut and formed sheet copper, solder and a cast zinc head. Excellent surface with no known repairs. For similar examples see "The Art of the Weathervane" by Steve Miller, page 61 and "A Gallery of American Weathervanes & Whirligigs" by Robert Bishop & Patricia Coblentz, pages 50 & 51. This is a noteworthy form that is not often found. Size: 25 inches long, 22 inches tall with an 18 inch wingspan.

$7500. Note: Professional packing and handling only for this item.


RARE AMERICAN FLAG QUILT. This quilt, was the focal point of a large Massachusetts collection. It's all hand stitched and dates early in the century. In 1912, when Arizona and New Mexico became states, the government declared a more uniform standard order of the stars, therefore Iím dating this quilt from that time frame. Excellent untouched condition free of stains or issues. Size: approximately 66 x 76.



19TH CENTURY HOLLOW BODY ROOSTER WEATHERVANE. Composition: Cut and formed sheet copper with an old green painted surface. Excellent condition. Size: 23.5 inches tall, 23 inches wide. Great form with nice feather detail on the tail. c 1880.



DOUBLE SIDED CARVED WHALE VERTEBRAE. One side reflects a happy face while the other a frown. Very early carving as the bone has petrified. Probably Northwest Eskimo origin. Size: 10 x 14.



ELABORATE NATIVE AMERICAN FLORAL BEADED WALL POCKET. Attributed. Cree Indian Tribe. Composition: Deer skin and beads with sweet grass binding. Considering the fragile nature of the material, itís age and that it was a functional item,  the pocket remains in Very Good condition!  Size: 11 x 5 3/8  c1900.



SMALL COPPER GLOVE WARMER. Iíve heard these inaccurately referred to as salesman sample bed warmers. In reality, theyíre glove warmers! This is one of the best ones I've owned in that it's actually been used. Size: 9.25 inches long. Age: Early 20th century.



HAND COLORED ETCHING OF AN AMERICAN SAILING SHIP. Signed: John Taylor Arms, 1887-1953 Education: Princeton University. Excellent untouched
condition. Original frame. Size. 27 x 21.5.



SLEEK AND FOLKY WORKING MERGANSER DECOY. Maker: Unknown. Condition: Excellent with yummy color and surface. Structurally very sound. Size: 13 inches long. Found in Maine, Unknown origin.



BRONZE LIGHTHOUSE DOOR STOP. Though it resembles an andiron, was made to be a door stop.  It's never had any attachments on the back for log dogs.

 Size: 14 x 9. Excellent condition, color and surface.



BRASS LIGHTHOUSE ANDIRONS. Perfect fireplace accessory for coastal living. Age: c1920. Size: 13 inches tall, 6 inches wide with 14 inches log dogs. Condition: Excellent and ready for use.



FOLK ART PAINTED BOTTLE CAP BASKET IN PATRIOTIC COLORS. Each bottle cap was individually and painstakingly painted before assembly. Condition: Excellent with great color. Size: 8 x 7



RARE CAPE COD SAMPLER. Wrought by Thankful Dillingham in the year 1825. Thankful was born in 1805 in Brewster, Mass and died of insanity in 1867. (complete family history verso). This is a very well known Cape Cod family.  Excellent overall condition with embellishment of the alpha-numerical section and a beautiful, well balanced, floral boarder. Size: 20.25 x 19.75. Original frame and old wavy glass.



FABULOUS 6 POINTED TRAMP ART STAR MIRROR. It's amazing to think this has escaped abuse and damage since being made in the first quarter of the 20th century. Itís an impressive and very unusual form. Size: 22 inches tip to tip.


PORTLAND HEAD LIGHTHOUSE PAINTING. At first glance this reminded me of a painting by George Hathaway. However, it is not. It is signed but, unfortunately the initials are illegible. Totally original and untouched condition. Size: 13.5 x 9.5. c1890



HALF SIZE PINTAIL DECORATIVE CARVING. Signed verso:  "George Soule 1940 Freeport Maine". George Soule was not only L.L. Beanís duck hunting companion, but the man who made and sold hunting decoys for retail purposes to L. L. Bean. Excellent condition and original paint. Size: 11.5 inches long.



NEEDLEPOINT TEXTILE. Mounted on a board and surrounded with small steel tacks. Great color. Excellent condition. Mostly needlepoint with pettipoint used on the urn and birds. Size: 17.5 x 13.5 Late 19th century.



DARK ROCKINGHAM GLAZED SEATED SPANIEL DOG. Excellent condition, free of cracks and chips. Plaster filled for stability. Size: 9.25 inches tall by 6.5 inches wide. c1860



RARE 12 PANEL MOLD BLOWN WHALE OIL LANTERN. Over the years, I've bought and sold a lot of lanterns. But, this particular form is new to me! Completely original and untouched. Size: 13.5 inches tall including the finger ring. c1840



STARBURST FLASK GV111-8 KEENE, NEW HAMPSHIRE. Excellent original condition. Dark amber color. Size: 6 x 3.25



ROCHESTER ROOSTER WEATHERVANE. This smaller, rare size, example measures only 24 x 24 (26 on the stand). It was made in Rochester, New Hampshire by the Rochester Iron and Foundry Co. Circa: 1880. Composition: Cast iron. Condition: Excellent!!! No repairs, issues or blemishes. Its untouched and original oxidized surface is the product of Mother Nature in her finest hour! Comes with a custom metal stand for easy display.



CHARMING LITTLE GIRL WITH RED HAIR (OIL PAINTING ON LINEN) Sheís just as innocent and alluring as she can be. All dressed up in her very best white eyelet cap sleeves, with a pink satin sash held together with what appears to be a shell clasp. On her neckline sits a mourning broach. Her childlike face surrounded by ringlets of wispy red hair held in place by a fashionable comb of the day. Tiny thin wire earrings embellish the lobe of her ear. With her large captivating eyes, she will never be lost in a room full of portraits! Condition: Professionally restored and reframed in an attractive lemon gold period frame. Restoration documentation available upon request. Size: 15.5 x 13.5 overall. Circa: 1830.

Price On Request


CAST IRON LIGHTHOUSE ANDIRONS. These circa 1930 andirons remain in excellent untouched condition. Intricately detailed down to the flight of steps within the rock base. Size: 14 inches tall. The log dogs measures 14 inches deep.



RARE FROG HOSE HOLDER. I've never seen a frog hose holder before and to have this much detail, is outstanding! In perfect condition and original paint too. Size: 10.5 wide, 8.5 tall. Age: c1890 to 1915.



UNIQUE SQUARE SHAPED RICHLY GLAZED CLAY CANNING JAR. I've never seen a square clay canning jar before. Signed on the bottom, "C W Paterson, Clay Ware, Pottsville, Pa." I'm guessing age as the last half of the 19th century. Size: 8.25 inches tall x 4.75 square. One small base chip as shown in one of the images, otherwise, excellent.



MAKE DO DECORATED REDWARE BOWL. This must have been a well loved bowl for someone to repair it so extensively using an unusual number of early staples. I also think the bird is very splashy. Size: 12.5 inches in diameter x 3 3/8 inches deep.



CAST ZINC BOXER DOG. This reminds me of the wonderful boxer I used to own. Great condition and surface. Size: 11 x 10.25 mounted.



WATERCOLOR OF A LITTLE GIRL WEARING A BLUE DRESS AND HOLDING A RED BOOK. Excellent condition. Original frame and glass. Size: 9.25 x 7.75. English, c 1830.



SMALL WATERCOLOR PORTRAIT MINIATURE. Attributed to Rufus Porter, 1792-1884. Porter painted in New England and as far south as Virginia. Heís also very well known for his wall murals found today in early homes throughout New England. Portrays the profile of a young man looking left. Condition: Very good with some very faint staining. Size: 5 x 5.5 overall. Original frame. c1835.



AMERICAN HOLLOW CUT SILHOUETTE.  Depicts a young woman, posed looking right, wearing a modified gray puffy sleeve dress having watercolor and ink high lights. Size: 5.25 x 4.5 overall. Original frame. c1830.



OOC PAINTING OF A PREACHER/BARRISTER SITTING WITH A WRITING QUILL IN HAND. Condition: Relined with very minor in painting. He's a regal old gent and don't you just love that spiffy wig?  Reframed with a frame of the period. Size: 16.25 x 14.25 overall. c1825.



COLOR HAND MADE AND HAND PAINTED PARCHEESI GAME BOARD. Wonderfully honest, "I've been used", condition. Construction: Assembled sections of three different woods. Very colorful stunning surface. Size: 18 inches square. First quarter of the 20th century. A real eye catcher.



THREE AMERICAN HOLLOW CUT SILHOUETTES OF A FATHER AND TWO SONS. Identified verso as The Leighton Family, Yarmouthport, Maine. Cut paper with ink and watercolor details. Offered in their original frame. Size: 8.25 x 3.75. About 1820.



VERY SMALL PILOT HOUSE EAGLE.  In comparison to the size of most pilot house eagles Iíve seen, I can best describe this one as diminutive. Maker: Artistic Carving Company, Boston, Mass. Age: c 1950.  Itís really a nice manageable size. Dimensions: Only 12 inches tall with a 14 inch wingspan.  Condition: Excellent!  



FIGURAL TAVERN TRADE SIGN. The lettering reads, "Drink ye all of thisĒ ď1744" Was this the date representing the founding of the tavern? Or perhaps a tribute to the building itself? I donít know, but Iím representing this as what I believe it to be, simply a 19th century, c1830 tavern sign. The surface clearly supports my age assessment. Condition: Several layers old crusty paint. Overall good condition. Size: 23 inches tall, diameter: 11.5 inches. Includes a modern wall hanging bracket.



FABULOUS HAND MADE FOLK ART VIOLIN. Construction: Wood, bone and metal in the form of two old paint can bottoms with a galvanized top. It took a great imagination and some skill to create this unique piece of American folk art. Size: 23 inches long. 6.5 inches at its widest point. I've only seen one other one like it in similar construction.



LARGE WHITE DEXTER RUNNING HORSE WEATHERVANE. Composition: Hammered copper, solder and zinc. Age: 19th century, c1885. Condition: Excellent with a very old layer of white paint that has weathered nicely and convincingly portrays its age.
Size: 41.5 L, 20 T, 5 thick. Offered with a custom metal stand.



HAND CRAFTED VENTRILOQUIST DUMMY. Size: 36 inches long. Excellent condition with no serious issues. He's offered wearing a white suit what may or may not be a naval uniform, heís wearing a navy blue felt hat and a pair of blue glasses are tucked in his breast pocket. Under his hair it is signed, "Ben Hobson, NYC, 1915.Ē Hobson was a well known carver in the world of ventriloquist figures. Hobson's advertisements ran with regularity in the New York Clipper. The is an exceptional piece of American folk art.



BRASS NAUTICAL LANTERN. If you like marine lanterns you will look far to find a better one. Excellent condition with its original whale oil burner. Size: 18 T including the handle. c1850.



UNUSUAL PAIR OF CAST IRON LIGHTHOUSE ANDIRONS. My best description is Bold and Beefy! This is a form I'd not previously seen. 

Excellent condition without apologies. Perfect for lighthouse lovers and coastal homes. Size: 19 T, 12 W, 20 Deep. c1920.  



19TH CENTURY LARGER SIZE DARK GREEN CHESTNUT BOTTLE. Excellent condition without flaws. Great expected wear and size. It measures, 8.75 x 5  



SMALL FREE BLOWN WHALE OIL LANTERN. Totally untouched and original. Punched diamond and stars decorate it upper and lower segments.

Size, 14.5 inches tall, about 4 inch diameter hand blown globe. c1840-1860



BALE HANDLED PEASEWARE JAR. This little gem has survived unscathed though out the years. Advanced collectors will not only appreciate its condition but its lovely nut brown color as well. Not including its handle, it measures only 3 3/4 inches tall. Made in Northeast Ohio about 1860.


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