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THEOREM BASKET ON PAPER. The work depicts an outstanding basket of assorted fruits in rich, vibrant colors. Completely untouched and original including its lemon gold frame. Size: 18 x 16. c1835. Just a screamer!!



JESSE BLACKSTONE NUTHATCH. Jesse Blackstone lived most of his life in Concord, New Hampshire caving alongside his father and on his own. Blackstone carved thousands of song birds and signed and numbered each one. The number 170 on this carving indicates it was his 170th nuthatch in a series of carvings. Size: 3.5 inches long.



HAND MADE AND CARVED HUNTING KNIFE. Normally I don't look for knives but this caught my eye. Both the knife and the sheath are completely hand made.  The well done carving of the running deer puts it over the top!  Size: 9 inches long. Early 20th century.


VERY SCARCE HAND CARVED FACIAL WIG STAND. It's not often you find a carved wig stand complete with facial features and in this condition. Size: 10 inches tall. c1800s. A perfect accessory in an early collection.



OPTICAL PINCE NEZ TRADE SIGN EYE GLASSES. Accurately made with brass fittings and mirror lenses. Excellent condition. c1900-1920. Size: 26 x 9. This is one of the most unusual trade signs I've seen in a while.



RARE, THREE SOCKET, CRIMPED BACK, TIN WALL SCONCE. This stunning example remains in excellent condition with a very nice oxidized surface. Size: 11 x 8. c1820s.



HEAVY GUAGE METAL SIGN. I especially find signs that are not encumbered with names to be more interesting and desirable. The phrase "POP" would indicate to me it was originally from the MidWest although the sign was found in Maine. Antiques have a way of traveling around the country. As you can tell this sign was repurposed from another sign. Size: 40 x 20. About 1930.



EARLY 19TH CENTURY STRAIGHT SIDED BOTTLE WITH AN UNUSUAL STRING LIP. Nice dark green color with no flaws or apologies. Open pintle. Nice wear on the bottom. Size:19 inches tall, 5 inches in diameter.



SAILOR'S LOVE TOKEN. Detailed carving depicting a deeply carved heart, anchor and the date, "1875". The open end is further embellished with a finely carved scalloped edge. Size: 7 inches long. Price includes a delicately made metal stand for display.



HAND CARVED TOOTH TRADE SIGN. Originally made for outdoor use but likely spent most of its life indoors as no signs of weathering exist. Nicely carved with a great white painted surface which shows good age. Size:18.5 inches tall, 13.5 inches at its widest point. c.1940



19th CENTURY CAST IRON INDIAN ANDIRONS. Depicting the famous Indian chief Massasoit who, as it's known, befriended the Pilgrims.  Excellent condition and free of issues.  Size: 19.5 T x 16 Deep.



FISH WEATHERVANE.  Fully formed copper construction. Embellished highly with exceptional fins and scale details showing an open mouth. Fabulous verdigris color & surface. Circa 1890. Excellent condition.   Size, 30 x 13.5 x 2.  



19th CENTURY OOC PORTRAIT OF A BABY.  It goes without saying baby portraits are a rare commodity in the folk art world and therefore highly sought after by collectors.  Cleaned with some inpainting.  On verso is the baby's name: Octavia Curtis, 1848-1929, Sharon, New Hampshire. Overall Size: 18 x 22.



OPEN FACE CARVED AND PAINTED DIORAMA. Strongly attributed to Capt. Keating, Reading, Massachusetts, about 1940. I've bought and sold many  of Keating's works, but have never seen one executed on a wood panel, let alone one of this size. It measures 24 x 14 and remains in excellent condition. I believe the ship to be The Flying Cloud.



SMALLER SIZE TIN HAT TRADE SIGN. A fine example in excellent condition. It comes with both a custom table top stand and one to allow wall hanging. Size, 14 inches tall on its base. About 12 inches wide. Age, late 19th century. Found in New Hampshire.



STUNNING PAINT DECORATED TIN BIRD CAGE. My guess is this was made for a small parrot and not a small bird. It's condition is very good with strong and vibrant paint.  Size, 20 inches tall, 13 inches in diameter. About 1920. American.



19TH CENTURY CARVED WALNUT EAGLE. Nicely carved with minor loss to the wing tips. From a Maine collection. Size, 17.5 x 10 x 4.



SMALL BUTTOCKS BASKET. From a New Hampshire Collection. Fabulous toned color. Perfect condition! Size, 5 tall, 6 wide and 4.25 diameter. c1900. Origin, Kentucky.



19TH CENTURY EAGLE FLASK. As the images show, there's a spread winged eagle on one side, a horse drawn cart on the other. Excellent condition.
Size, 7 x 4.25.



MOULDED HOLLOW BODY COPPER AND CAST ZINC HORSE AND RIDER WEATHERVANE. Excellent condition. Fabulous color with a few older filled bullet holes. Attributed to Cushing and White, Waltham, Mass. c1880.



SMALL HOLLOW BODY RUNNING HORSE WEATHERVANE. I believe this vane dates from the first quarter of the 20th century. Rather mythical in form with great verdigris color complimenting its untouched surface. Size, 23 x 27.5. Price includes a custom metal stand.  No repairs. Maker unknown.



MID-20TH CENTURY WHALE WEATHERVANE. I feel this is the best form in the more modern whale weathervanes. It realistically captures a sperm whale. Made in either zinc or aluminum. Size, 24 inches long.



ROOSTER WINDMILL WEIGHT. This larger example of a weight collectors refer to as "Woodmanse" was manufactured by the Elgin Wind Power and Pump Company, Elgin, Illinois. It has survived unblemished with a beautifully oxidized surface. It measures approximately 19 x 18 including its U-Shaped Base.

Circa: 1900. Weight, 63 pounds.


UNUSUAL 19TH CENTURY HARNESS SHOP TRADE SIGN. I cannot imagine the time and effort that went into both the design and making of this sign. Each letter was done in the manor of a reverse paining on glass. Silver tape outlines the letters which were then highlighted with foil, then backed with a black painted ground. I'm amazed each time I look at this extraordinary sign. Each letter is unblemished and not a single piece of glass is cracked. Each piece measures 10.5 x 7.5.



SMALLER SIZE 19TH CENTURY TOLE DECORATED TIN DOCUMENT BOX. Great color, surface, design and condition. Decorated tin in good condition like this are getting so hard to find these days. Found in Maine. Size, 6.5 x 3.75 x 3.25. Excellent condition.



HAND BLOWN, OPEN PONTLE, WESTFORD, CT. DARK AMBER FLASK. Very nice original flawless condition. Size, 7.5 inches tall.



BALE HANDLED PEASEWARE JAR. This little gem has survived unscathed though out the years. Advanced collectors will not only appreciate its condition but its lovely nut brown color as well. Not including its handle, it measures only 3 3/4 inches tall. Made in Northeast Ohio about 1860.



VERY RARE DENTIST FIGURAL TRADE SIGN. After 48 years in business, this is the first time I've had the pleasure of owning this rare and hard to find figural trade sign. The tooth is constructed of hard rock maple and has its original hand wrought iron hanging bracket. Also, please note the "gold filling" which I feel adds to its overall character and presence. Offered in its original and untouched painted surface. Size, 22 T, about 8 inches square. Ca. 1890.



RARE OFFERING OF A PAIR OF 19TH C SQUASHED GLOBE ONION LANTERNS. I can't ever recall seeing a lantern made out of copper before. Here's a pair! They're in perfect condition with nice signs of use and wear. Each measures 14 inches tall including the handle. The globes are 8 inches in diameter. $2250. the pair.


NEW ENGLAND TIN AND GLASS ONION LANTERN WITH WHALE OIL BURNER.  This little beauty measures 11 inches tall with a 4.5 inch diameter globe and remains in exceptional condition without issues. About 1840.


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