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SMALL RELIEF CARVED FLORAL.  Highly skilled and delicate carving of a multi-dimensional daisy. Size: 5.5 x 6.75. c1920 $395 


HAND CARVED FLAME FINIAL.  These are usually found in pairs decorating a late 19th century horse drawn hearse.

This single example measures 15 inches tall, 5.5 wide with impressive and skilled carving detail. Ex. Nan Gurley.



WONDERFUL TURN OF THE CENTURY SEWING BOX IN THE FORM OF A DRESSER. Skillfully made, signed and dated ďWS 1901" on the drawer. Tiny square nails used throughout. Completely untouched and original. Size: 15 x 9.



CAST IRON BLACK BUTLER.  Considering his size (17 x 8.25), my guess is he was part of a lawn game. Unfortunately, the only marking is embossed verso:  ďPatent Applied ForĒ. Great detail and form. Nice color and surface. c1900



HAND CARVED AND PAINTED DIORAMA OF AN INDIAN FISHING IN HIS BIRCHBARK CANOE. Nice color and condition free of issues. Size: 24 x 15. c1920-40. Ex: Denny Tracey.



FOUR SYMBOLIC MASONIC FLAG POLE TOPPERS. Beautifully mounted on modern custom made museum stand. All in excellent condition free of damage. Late 19th century. Size: 10 x 17 x 4.



LIGHTHOUSE WEATHERVANE. Truly a one-of-a-kind, individual effort of a very talented artisan created in the third quarter of the 20th century. The cresting waves both at the pointer and tail, along with the Fresnel lens represented by a clear glass insulator cleverly incorporated into the design, demonstrates the talent and sculptural thought the creator possessed. Wonderful form color and surface. Exceptional Condition! What a focal point this piece would command in a costal home! Size: 41 inches long, 25 inches tall on a custom metal stand.

Note: Professional packing and shipping only for this item.


COLLECTION OF 12 GOLD ENCRUSTED BOTTLES. Purchased years ago from a Massachusetts collector  They're a mix of Dutch and English bottles, all of which have taken on a superb gold color and surface. ALL are in Excellent Condition. I can't stress enough how hard it is finding bottles with this oxidation. They range in size from 7 to 10 inches. Sold as a collection only.



VERY RARE ZINC DOVE WEATHERVANE/FINIAL. Beautifully crafted from formed sheet zinc and solder depicting a dove descending upon a round sphere. Excellent condition. Fabulous color and surface. Size: 19.5 inches tall. c1880s.



SUNFISH SPEARING DECOY.  These arenít nearly as plentiful as they once were. Just a hard to find cutie. This truly fine example is from a long time Rockland, Maine collector. Itís beautifully carved with a yummy color and old surface thatís even better in person. Size: only 4 inches long. Excellent condition. Fabulous paint.



SMALL GREEN FIRKIN. A sweetheart of a firkin! It's first green surface has mellowed and chalked in time. It remains in extraordinary condition. c1900 Size: 6.5 tall, the top diameter is 6 inches.



BLUE FLORAL OVAL WALL PAPER BOX. Very good condition with minor and expected age related wear. The paper on its bottom dates from 1840. Size: 11 x 8 x 6.


JEWELERíS WATCH TRADE SIGN. Flat sheet tin or zinc with gold lettering.  Interestingly, the watch face is an old paper face with melt ,hands,  both are from an old clock!  Some wear, but overall, good. c1890  Size: 15 x 11.25.



SINGLE PIECE CAST IRON TURTLE. Wonderful detail on this fellow. Great color , surface and free of issues. Size: 9.5 x 5.5 c1900.


19TH CENTURY TURNED & PAINTED BARBER POLE.  This is the barber pole eveyone dreams of owning. Gutsy, BOLD colors accompanied with great turnings. It's as close to mint as it gets.  Yes, if you look closely enough, you will find a few very minor flaws inevitable in a piece of this age.  None the less, this IS a show stopper!!  Size: 29 inches long. Untouched condition.



GEORGE BOYD YELLOWLEGS SHOREBIRD. George Boyd, (1873-1941), Seabrook, New Hampshire. Boyd is considered by many to be New England's foremost and finest decoy carver. This fine example is offered in its original vintage paint surface with some very minor in use flaws. Original paint. Original bill. Size. 10.5 x 6 x 3.



19TH CENTURY FLORAL HOOKED RUG. The central floral theme is surrounded with pleasing, well chosen colorful bands which project a calming flowing movement. Red rosettes embellish each corner. Professionally mounted and wall ready. Size: 35 x 34. Excellent condition.



A PAIR OF HAND CARVED AND PAINTED FOLK ART COWS. Purportedly these are Vermont cows.  Each has exceptional form and surface. Original metal horns. Original leather ears. c.1900, maybe earlier. Just so folky !!  Size: 10 x 4 x 2.25     



A PAIR OF CAST IRON OWL BOOKENDS. These great owls are double sided and I attribute the round hole to representing a full moon. The surface and casting detail is outstanding. Size: 6 inches tall, 3.75 inches wide. c1920  


VERY COLORFUL AND PATRIOTIC TEXTILE COMMEMORATIVE OF A WORLD CRUISE.  Although Iíve seen a number of these patriotic textiles, this is the first one I've seen that didn't have a military theme! Excellent condition offered in a professionally mounted shadow box frame. Size: 27.5 x 21. c1900-1920



SMALL HAND CARVED AND PAINTED FISH PLAQUE. Nicely carved with exceptional untouched color and surface. Size: 9.5 x 4. Found in Blue Hill, Maine.



MAGNIFICENT ARCHITECTURAL WOODED BIRD CAGE. An amazing amount of thought and work went into the wood and wire construction. The detail is as extraordinary as is the condition. Size: 15x1705x10.5.  c1920.



A PAIR OF AMERICAN MINIATURE FOLK PORTRAITS. Attributed to Amos Holbrook of whom little is known. There is an example of his work on pg. 26 of ďA Loving Likeness.Ē  This pair of watercolors on paper is offered in their original gold frames and wavy glass. They are a fine example of the best in small folk portraits, c1830 Size: 5 x 4  



A PAIR OF UNSIGNED MINIATURE AMERICAN PEWTER WHALE OIL LAMPS. Impressive undamaged original condition. Size: 4.5 tall, 2.75 base diameter. c1840



MINIATURE CANVASBACK DECOY CARVING.  Signed and dated on the bottom by its maker, Paul Nock, Salisbury, Md. 7-1-1962. Beautifully carved and painted in the manor of the Ward Bros. Size: 9 x 4. 



AMERICAN FOLK PAINTING OF A YOUNG MAN. Attributed to William Matthew Prior. Absolutely Untouched!  Attic dry surface.  Size: 12 x 16. Offered in its original red beveled frame. From a Michigan collection, as noted verso. He is a very handsome subject, but, unfortunately unidentified. c1835-40



A. E. CROWELL MINIATURE MALLARD HEN CARVING. Elmer Crowell (1862-1952) East Harwich, Mass.  Crowell stands alone in the folk art world of decoy carvers. No single carver has ever eclipsed the world record prices his work has achieved. This fine example remains today in original condition. Carved between 1928 - 1939. It retains his rectangular impression. Size: 5 x 2.5 inches.



VERMONT DOME TOP BOX. Vividly and boldly paint decorated. Attributed to Thomas Matteson, South Shaftsbury, Vermont. Excellent condition. Fabulous color and design. Size: 28 x 14 x 14. Boxes with this highly desirable paint decoration rarely come to the market and when they do they're competitively sought after and treasured. c1825



CAST IRON JENNY LIND HEAD. This has very strong cast in details and good oxidized color and surface. Size: 7.5 x 5.25 c1890 Excellent condition.



RARE BULLSEYE MOLD BLOWN GLOBE WHALE OIL LANTERN. These lanterns are becoming harder to locate. While it has some roughness on its bottom cap, overall the condition is good! Original globe and burner. Size: 11.25 inches tall at the ring.



DECORATED REDWARE CANNING JAR. This jar is taller than most Iíve seen and that makes it unusual. A few very minor rim chips but overall, excellent and free of hairlines, cracks or other damage. Size: 10.5 x 6.5 in diameter.



A. L. JEWELL & CO., WALTHAM, MASSACHUSETTS. C1855-1867. Full body form depicting an eagle landing on a sphere. Composition: Cut and formed sheet copper, solder and a cast zinc head. Excellent surface with no known repairs. For similar examples see "The Art of the Weathervane" by Steve Miller, page 61 and "A Gallery of American Weathervanes & Whirligigs" by Robert Bishop & Patricia Coblentz, pages 50 & 51. This is a noteworthy form that is not often found. Size: 25 inches long, 22 inches tall with an 18 inch wingspan.

$7500. Note: Professional packing and handling only for this item.


RARE AMERICAN FLAG QUILT. This quilt, was the focal point of a large Massachusetts collection. It's all hand stitched and dates early in the century. In 1912, when Arizona and New Mexico became states, the government declared a more uniform standard order of the stars, therefore Iím dating this quilt from that time frame. Excellent untouched condition free of stains or issues. Size: approximately 66 x 76.



19TH CENTURY HOLLOW BODY ROOSTER WEATHERVANE. Composition: Cut and formed sheet copper with an old green painted surface. Excellent condition. Size: 23.5 inches tall, 23 inches wide. Great form with nice feather detail on the tail. c 1880.



SLEEK AND FOLKY WORKING MERGANSER DECOY. Maker: Unknown. Condition: Excellent with yummy color and surface. Structurally very sound. Size: 13 inches long. Found in Maine, Unknown origin.


BRONZE LIGHTHOUSE DOOR STOP. Though it resembles an andiron, was made to be a door stop.  It's never had any attachments on the back for log dogs.

 Size: 14 x 9. Excellent condition, color and surface.



BRASS LIGHTHOUSE ANDIRONS. Perfect fireplace accessory for coastal living. Age: c1920. Size: 13 inches tall, 6 inches wide with 14 inches log dogs. Condition: Excellent and ready for use.



FOLK ART PAINTED BOTTLE CAP BASKET IN PATRIOTIC COLORS. Each bottle cap was individually and painstakingly painted before assembly. Condition: Excellent with great color. Size: 8 x 7



PORTLAND HEAD LIGHTHOUSE PAINTING. At first glance this reminded me of a painting by George Hathaway. However, it is not. It is signed but, unfortunately the initials are illegible. Totally original and untouched condition. Size: 13.5 x 9.5. c1890



HALF SIZE PINTAIL DECORATIVE CARVING. Signed verso:  "George Soule 1940 Freeport Maine". George Soule was not only L.L. Beanís duck hunting companion, but the man who made and sold hunting decoys for retail purposes to L. L. Bean. Excellent condition and original paint. Size: 11.5 inches long.



RARE 12 PANEL MOLD BLOWN WHALE OIL LANTERN. Over the years, I've bought and sold a lot of lanterns. But, this particular form is new to me! Completely original and untouched. Size: 13.5 inches tall including the finger ring. c1840



STARBURST FLASK GV111-8 KEENE, NEW HAMPSHIRE. Excellent original condition. Dark amber color. Size: 6 x 3.25



ROCHESTER ROOSTER WEATHERVANE. This smaller, rare size, example measures only 24 x 24 (26 on the stand). It was made in Rochester, New Hampshire by the Rochester Iron and Foundry Co. Circa: 1880. Composition: Cast iron. Condition: Excellent!!! No repairs, issues or blemishes. Its untouched and original oxidized surface is the product of Mother Nature in her finest hour! Comes with a custom metal stand for easy display.



CHARMING LITTLE GIRL WITH RED HAIR (OIL PAINTING ON LINEN) Sheís just as innocent and alluring as she can be. All dressed up in her very best white eyelet cap sleeves, with a pink satin sash held together with what appears to be a shell clasp. On her neckline sits a mourning broach. Her childlike face surrounded by ringlets of wispy red hair held in place by a fashionable comb of the day. Tiny thin wire earrings embellish the lobe of her ear. With her large captivating eyes, she will never be lost in a room full of portraits! Condition: Professionally restored and reframed in an attractive lemon gold period frame. Restoration documentation available upon request. Size: 15.5 x 13.5 overall. Circa: 1830.

Price On Request


CAST IRON LIGHTHOUSE ANDIRONS. These circa 1930 andirons remain in excellent untouched condition. Intricately detailed down to the flight of steps within the rock base. Size: 14 inches tall. The log dogs measures 14 inches deep.



AMERICAN HOLLOW CUT SILHOUETTE.  Depicts a young woman, posed looking right, wearing a modified gray puffy sleeve dress having watercolor and ink high lights. Size: 5.25 x 4.5 overall. Original frame. c1830.



COLOR HAND MADE AND HAND PAINTED PARCHEESI GAME BOARD. Wonderfully honest, "I've been used", condition. Construction: Assembled sections of three different woods. Very colorful stunning surface. Size: 18 inches square. First quarter of the 20th century. A real eye catcher.



THREE AMERICAN HOLLOW CUT SILHOUETTES OF A FATHER AND TWO SONS. Identified verso as The Leighton Family, Yarmouthport, Maine. Cut paper with ink and watercolor details. Offered in their original frame. Size: 8.25 x 3.75. About 1820.



VERY SMALL PILOT HOUSE EAGLE.  In comparison to the size of most pilot house eagles Iíve seen, I can best describe this one as diminutive. Maker: Artistic Carving Company, Boston, Mass. Age: c 1950.  Itís really a nice manageable size. Dimensions: Only 12 inches tall with a 14 inch wingspan.  Condition: Excellent!  



FABULOUS HAND MADE FOLK ART VIOLIN. Construction: Wood, bone and metal in the form of two old paint can bottoms with a galvanized top. It took a great imagination and some skill to create this unique piece of American folk art. Size: 23 inches long. 6.5 inches at its widest point. I've only seen one other one like it in similar construction.



LARGE WHITE DEXTER RUNNING HORSE WEATHERVANE. Composition: Hammered copper, solder and zinc. Age: 19th century, c1885. Condition: Excellent with a very old layer of white paint that has weathered nicely and convincingly portrays its age.
Size: 41.5 L, 20 T, 5 thick. Offered with a custom metal stand.



BRASS NAUTICAL LANTERN. If you like marine lanterns you will look far to find a better one. Excellent condition with its original whale oil burner. Size: 18 T including the handle. c1850.



19TH CENTURY LARGER SIZE DARK GREEN CHESTNUT BOTTLE. Excellent condition without flaws. Great expected wear and size. It measures, 8.75 x 5  


SMALL FREE BLOWN WHALE OIL LANTERN. Totally untouched and original. Punched diamond and stars decorate it upper and lower segments.

Size, 14.5 inches tall, about 4 inch diameter hand blown globe. c1840-1860



BALE HANDLED PEASEWARE JAR. This little gem has survived unscathed though out the years. Advanced collectors will not only appreciate its condition but its lovely nut brown color as well. Not including its handle, it measures only 3 3/4 inches tall. Made in Northeast Ohio about 1860.


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