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19TH CENTURY NANTUCKET BASKET.  Wonderfully toned color and surface that easily substantiates it age and use. Excellent condition. Carved into the bottom board are the initials TWR plus MHny. It measures 11.5 inches in diameter. 7.25 inches deep and 13.5 inches to the handle.



DOUBLE SIDED PARCHEESI/CHECKERS GAMEBOARD ON PLYWOOD. A very attractive board with 7 colors and good design. Excellent condition. Size: 24 x 21



CAST IRON STOVE PLATE WITH MAINE THEME. A very attractive item. Perfect in a cabin or rustic decor. Price includes wooden wall brackets for easy installation on any wall. Size: 27 x 13.



CAST IRON SHELL BIRD BATH. Excellent condition with a very appealing color and surface. Size: 18.5 x 11.5.  Can be used decoratively indoors or out.


SMALL OWLS HEAD LIGHTHOUSE PAINTING. A nicely detailed painting on panel and signed AREY, possibly, A. Rey. I currently have another example of his work on my website. Excellent condition. Size: 7.5 inches in diameter.



UNUSUAL SCALLOP SHELL FAUCET. Cast brass or bronze. Size: 8 x 6 mounted on a custom metal stand. Excellent condition. c1930



UNUSUAL GAME COCK FAUCET. Cast brass or bronze. Size: 8 x 6 mounted on a custom metal stand. c1930.



EARLY 20TH CENTURY ROOSTER LIGHTNING ROD WEATHERVANE. Composition: Cast iron, copper and tin. Astonishing natural oxidized color, surface and condition. Accompanying the vane is a custom metal stand for display. Size: 24 x 19.  c1920-30


IMPORTANT 19TH CENTURY NAUTICAL BROADSIDE OF THE TUG BOAT "EDGAR BAXTER". Watercolor on paper depicting a yellow painted deck on a tug flying an American flag and pendant. Two vessels are seen in the distant with the tug sailing through choppy emerald green seas. Excellent condition. Housed in a gold gilded frame which measures 24 x 17 overall. c1880. A photograph of the tug in later years accompanies the painting.



RING TOSS GAME BOARD. Numbering 1 through 13 with a central 5 point star on a white ground. Excellent condition. Stunning surface. Size: 20.5 inches in diameter. c1920.



VERY EARLY HEAVY SHEET COPPER COW WEATHERVANE. Attributed to A. L. Jewell, 1852-1867, Waltham, Mass or Tuckerman. Construction: Heavy sheet copper and cast zinc. Condition: Several old filled bullet holes. Overall, very good with a fine verdigris color and surface. Size: 21.75 x 15.5. Price includes a custom made wall bracket.



LARGE WOODEN FLAG POLE BALL. Exceptional original color and weathered surface showing great age. Size: 12.5 inches tall on its custom metal base. The ball measures 6.5 inches in diameter. c1900 or possibly earlier.



SMALL COLORFUL GAMING WHEEL OF CHANCE. 4 color design with heart, spade, diamonds and club patterns. I haven't a clue how this game was played. I liked it for its great small size and excellent condition. Size" 8 inches square. c1920-30.



WOODEN PATRIOTIC SHIELD. Used during 4th of July celebrations by Lodges and Grange Halls. Some minor areas of paint loss but good overall. Size: 23 x 17.5 Age: 1920.



AMERICAN HOLLOW CUT SILHOUETTE. The unknown sitter is shown facing left wearing a very high ruffled scarf or collar. Additional hair and clothing embellishments add interest and appeal. She is offered in her original gold frame measuring 5 x 6 overall. c1830. Excellent condition. I have perviously owned several cuttings by the person whose identity still eludes me.



SMALL 19TH CENTURY TOLE DECORATED VALUABLES BOX. Totally untouched in very appealing attic dry surface. To my knowledge, tole with white back ground originated from the Acton, Mass. area. The subtle blue and green colors which decorate its from panel are superb and unusual in my opinion. Size: 7 x 3.5 x 2.75



LLOYD H. THOMAS, CAMDEN, MAINE (1910-1990) Dated 1932 and identified verso as a Red Rock Cunner, a deep water fish found in Coastal Maine waters. Untouched original condition and signed. Size: 19.25 x 6.



FAUX MARBLEIZED PAINTED BOX. Original and untouched. Size: 10 x 6 x 3.5  c1930. This is a very nice little box that can be used for display or utility.



TWO OVAL 19 CENTURY WATERCOLOR MEMORIALS IN CLASSICAL THEME. One features a winged cherub next to a tomb with two white doves. The second, a man standing next to a tree overlooking a columned grave with a flaming burner. Offered in a black painted frame of the period with old wavy glass and acid free backing. Size: 13.5 x 11.5 overall.



ROUND LAPPED PANTRY BOX IN ROBINS EGG BLUE PAINT. Size: 8.5 x 3. Condition: A grain line split exists along the body which when covered cannot be seen. Age: Late 19th century Fabulous color!!  



LARGE AMERICAN BIRCH TRENCHER IN ORIGINAL DEEP RED PAINT. Nice well worn interior. Great color and no cracks. Size: 23 x 5.75 x 10.5



19TH CENTURY MAKE DO MOCHA SEAWEED BOWL. The bottom of the bowl is held together with tiny metal staples. I love make do repairs. They reflect a time when utilitarian pieces, like this bowl, were NOT discarded when an accident happened. Size: 7.25 x 3.75.



A SINGLE HAND WROUGHT IRON SPUR. A nice little decorative piece. Great accessory for a western motif. Nice hand tooled detail. Size: 6.5 inches long.



JOSEPH H. DAVIS WATERCOLOR PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG BOY AND HIS DOG. Identified as Paul W. Cheswell, aged 9. August 28, ____. Some minor paper loss in the upper left and lower right corners. Presented in a modern frame and mounting. Joseph Davis, also known as the left hand artist, was active 1832-1838 working primarily in Maine and New Hampshire. Only a small number of his painting were actually signed, however all have his distinct similarities and characteristics. Size: 15.5 x 18 overall. The actual work is 8.75 x 7. Condition: Overall good with some light background blemishes.


SMALL 19TH CENTURY, SLIGHTLY OVAL SWING HANDLE NANTUCKET BASKET. Warm nut brown color in exceptional apology free condition. It measures slightly oval 7.75 x 7.25. 8 inches tall at the handle, 3.5 inches deep.



SMALL LAPPED PANTRY BOX WITH A WELL DONE 3 MASTED SHIP PAINTING DECORATING ITS TOP SURFACE. Condition: Untouched and original. Size: 6.5 diameter, 2.75 deep. c1920.



WOODEN BOTTLE. Hand turned with highlighted bands with its original green and yellow paint. Excellent condition. Untouched paint. Size: 14T, 4D c1920.



EARLY 20TH CENTURY HOOK RUG. Professionally mounted, this work of wall art with it concentric squares and very pleasing colors makes a perfect statement for that perfect spot in your home. All that is required is space and a nail. No mixing required, just sit back and enjoy. Size: Only 21 inches square. Excellent condition.



A FINE SMALL WATERCOLOR PORTRAIT OF A GENT. As suggested verso, the sitter may be H. Howard from Hallowell, Maine. It rests in its untouched and original gold leaf frame and eglomise mat. Excellent condition. Excellent quality. Size: 4.5 x 5.5 c1830.



19TH CENTURY TRIPLE EARTHWORM MOCHA PITCHER. Excellent color and condition with professional attention to its spout. Size: 5.5 x 5.75



LARGE SIZE PEASEWARE BALE HANDLED JAR. The bowl measures 7 5/8 inches in diameter and remains in superb condition free of hairlines or cracks with a very appealing soft nut brown color. Size: 7 5/8 D 8.75 tall at the handle.



MIDWESTERN BLUEBILL DRAKE DECOY. I think you'll agree the carving on this bird is exceptional with crossed tail feathers plus detailed attention to its slightly turned head and bill. Add to this, it's original paint plus very fine scratch painted wings. It measures only 12 inches long. c1930-40. Unknown carver.



CAST IRON ARCHITECTURAL BUILDING SUPPORT ELEMENTS. One a scroll, the other a double star. ( I have never seen a scroll ) Creatively mounted on a custom base for a totally impressive presentation. Size: 24 x 19 mounted. Late 19th century. Excellent oxidized color and surface.



IMPORTANT FOLK ART BOX. This incredible relief carved and painted box showcases a hunting dog on its lid, a bald eagle, stars and shields on its facade plus 6 point floral rosettes on each end. Huge dovetails bind its corners. The letter "R" carved into the interior lid is likely to be the initial of its masterful and anonymous maker. Size: 11.5 x 7.25 x 6. Excellent condition showing some minor wear reflective of its age which I'll place late 19th to the early 20th century.



SMALL WELL MADE STOOL IN MUSTARD PAINT. Nice square nailed construction with vibrant color and lines. Size: 15.5 x 6.5 x 7.5  Late 19th century.



RARE FREE BLOWN KIDNEY SHAPED DEMI-JOHN BOTTLE. Very dark green color. Condition: De-corking chip on lip with excellent wear on the bottom. Size: 17 inches tall, 16 inches wide. Note: In spite of the chip on its lip, this form is rarely seen and highly sought after.



19TH CENTURY BLUE TRENCHER BOWL. American birch. Great wear. A superlative example in the best form, original blue color and free of apologies. 

Size: 20 x 13 x 4.5  



A SPLENDID PAIR OF HAND TIED AMERICAN BECKETS IN THE BEST RED, WHITE AND BLUE COLORS. Originally from a collection in Oklahoma, this pair is a good as it gets in comparison. They include their original wood brackets also in original blue painted surface. Size: The beckets measure 9 inches long. With the bracket, 12.5 inches. Age: Mid 19th century.



19TH CENTURY HAND CARVED EFFIGY DOG SCOOP. The nicely carved dog head has been worn smooth from years of handling yet still retains clear definition. Note the pleasant form of the handle as it transforms smoothly into the body of the scoop. Carved from a single piece of maple. Size: 13 inches tall.



CHARLES HART, GLOUCESTER, MASS.1862-1960. Oversized hollow black duck with deep relief feather details. All original paint with minor in use wear. Size: 21.5 x 7. Ex. Gene Kangas



NEAR LIFE SIZE, HAND CARVED, CIGARETTE CADDY IN THE FORM OF A MAN. There are places for cigarettes and matches incorporated into this carving. Beautifully carved with great color and surface. Note old grain line split reattached many years ago as can be seen in my images. Size: 13.5 x 10. c1920. Found in Iowa.



SET OF 4 MOUNTED CARNIVAL GAME WHEELS. For those who've followed my over the years, know I like, and have sold many individual game wheels. This is a first for me as I've never seen another one like this to compare to. Mounted on a heavy metal frame, each wheel measures just under 8 inches. If you like game wheels and are looking for something different, this may be for you. Highly colorful, graphic and in very good condition. Size: 39 x 13. C1920-30.



ERNEST "Popeye" REED SANDSTONE CARVING. Popeye Reed, 1919-1985, was born in Jackson County, Ohio. A self taught artisan was best known for his figural stone carvings, but did wood carvings as well. This piece carved only 9 years before his death was inspired by this country's bicentennial, 1776-1976.

The upper quarter area of this carving depicts 13 stars while its focal point highlights the Liberty Bell. Excellent condition and signed, E. Reed. Size: 12.125 x 7.5 x 1



EXUBERANTLY CHIPPED CARVED AND PAINTED CROOKED KNIFE. Purchased from a private collection in Maine. Excellent condition, color and skill went into its making. Size: 10.25 inches long. c1900 and possibly earlier.



ICONIC SPREAD WINGED EAGLE CARVING. Verso is the unreadable name of its carver from Bremen, Maine and bearing the date 1953. Impressively well carved with most of its original mustard paint still intact. Mounted on a custom made wood base. Size: 31 x 15. Exceptional detail which exemplifies the skill of its creator.



HAND CARVED FATHER AND SON  ARTICULATED DOLLS BY MORTON RIDDLE  Riddle (1909-1992), was a man of many talents. By occupation he was a watchmaker. As a boy he learned to carve small objects in Kentucky.  His recognition came in the form of carving small, eerie articulated dolls.  In the 1970s his work was included in two Outsider Art shows in CA.  He is included in the 1990 edition of: “Museum of American Folk Art Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century American Folk Art and Artists” by: Rosenak. He signed his work on the bottom of the carving’s feet. Each comes with its own custom stand. They measure 21 and 18 inches respectively. c1940.

$1950 pr. 


RARE CAST IRON PINE TREE ANDIRONS. I've owned many forms of pine tree andirons previously, but never for a second did I think I'd ever own a pair of these beauties. They rarely come to market, are fully dimensional and exceptionally detailed. THEY ARE NOT FLAT!  Made by the Martin Stove Company, founded in Florence, Alabama, by W. H. and Chas. Martin. The company was in business from 1917-1953 making not only andirons, but cast iron cooking ware as well. Condition: One upper branch restored. Log dogs are replacements. Size: 20 x 10 x 16.



WILLIAM MATTHEW PRIOR PORTRAIT. Oil on board painting of an attractive young woman with long black tight curls and soft rosy cheeks. She’s wearing a long sleeved navy blue dress with delicate cream satin at the neck . A thin necklace and an attractive floral broach complete her ensemble. Original lemon gold frame. Some inpainting. Size: 20.5 x 16.75 overall.  Ex. Howard Fertig Collection. c1835.



FOUR SYMBOLIC MASONIC FLAG POLE TOPPERS. Beautifully mounted on modern custom made museum stand. All in excellent condition free of damage. Late 19th century. Size: 10 x 17 x 4.



VERY RARE ZINC DOVE WEATHERVANE/FINIAL. Beautifully crafted from formed sheet zinc and solder depicting a dove descending upon a round sphere. Excellent condition. Fabulous color and surface. Size: 19.5 inches tall. c1880s.



MINIATURE CANVASBACK DECOY CARVING.  Signed and dated on the bottom by its maker, Paul Nock, Salisbury, Md. 7-1-1962. Beautifully carved and painted in the manor of the Ward Bros. Size: 9 x 4. 



RARE BULLSEYE MOLD BLOWN GLOBE WHALE OIL LANTERN. These lanterns are becoming harder to locate. While it has some roughness on its bottom cap, overall the condition is good! Original globe and burner. Size: 11.25 inches tall at the ring.



DECORATED REDWARE CANNING JAR. This jar is taller than most I’ve seen and that makes it unusual. A few very minor rim chips but overall, excellent and free of hairlines, cracks or other damage. Size: 10.5 x 6.5 in diameter.



19TH CENTURY HOLLOW BODY ROOSTER WEATHERVANE. Composition: Cut and formed sheet copper with an old green painted surface. Excellent condition. Size: 23.5 inches tall, 23 inches wide. Great form with nice feather detail on the tail. c 1880.



BRASS LIGHTHOUSE ANDIRONS. Perfect fireplace accessory for coastal living. Age: c1920. Size: 13 inches tall, 6 inches wide with 14 inches log dogs. Condition: Excellent and ready for use.



RARE 12 PANEL MOLD BLOWN WHALE OIL LANTERN. Over the years, I've bought and sold a lot of lanterns. But, this particular form is new to me! Completely original and untouched. Size: 13.5 inches tall including the finger ring. c1840



CAST IRON LIGHTHOUSE ANDIRONS. These circa 1930 andirons remain in excellent untouched condition. Intricately detailed down to the flight of steps within the rock base. Size: 14 inches tall. The log dogs measures 14 inches deep.



LARGE WHITE DEXTER RUNNING HORSE WEATHERVANE. Composition: Hammered copper, solder and zinc. Age: 19th century, c1885. Condition: Excellent with a very old layer of white paint that has weathered nicely and convincingly portrays its age.
Size: 41.5 L, 20 T, 5 thick. Offered with a custom metal stand.


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