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CAST IRON FLYING DUCK ANDIRONS. Perfect for the sportsman in your life. Impressive in a rustic home or lodge fireplace. Size, 14.5 x 12 x 15.


MID-20TH CENTURY WHALE WEATHERVANE. I feel this is the best form in the more modern whale weathervanes. It realistically captures a sperm whale. Made in either zinc or aluminum. Size, 24 inches long.



CHALKWARE ROOSTER. Very nice original condition and paint. Size, 7.5 inches tall. About 1850.



SMALL CHALKWARE ROOSTER. Great condition in original paint. Minor wear, nothing serious. Size, 5.5 inches tall.



SEVEN MINIATURE CARDBOARD GAME BOARDS. If these were ever used it was only once or twice if at all. They're absolutely in mint condition.
Newly framed and presented. As a grouping they make an eye catching and colorful statement. Perfect for a boys room or as part of a collection. The large center game measures 11.5 inches square while the remaining six are 8.5 x 11. Dated 1931.

$1250. the set


NEW JERSEY ONE GALLON SCRIPT JUG. Wonderful crisp condition with no issues. Size, 9 inches tall, 6 inches diameter. c.1900.


NEW ENGLAND ARROW WEATHERVANE. Composed mainly of formed copper with a cast iron pointer further complimented with a well weathered wood finial. Size, 20 x 24 on a custom metal base. c.1890



TAMMANY MECHANICAL BANK. This is a fairly common bank except when you find them in this lovely condition. Totally untouched paint and original, working condition. Size, 6 inches tall.



SHAPED TIN DECOY MAKER'S TRADE SIGN IN THE FORM OF A YELLOWLEGS SHOREBIRD. Great color and condition. Price includes a nice round scrubbed wooden base. On the stand it measures 40 inches tall. Actual measurements of the figure are 24 x 17. C.1940  



FARES FAMILY RECORD FROM INDIANA. This very unusual record represents the family of John Valent and Veronica Mann, 1861. The boarder that surrounds the work and the trees are shaped human hair. The piece is also signed by the artist, Fec. Chas. E. Dollmaetsch. Mounted in it's original lemon gold  frame. Size, 11 x 16 overall. A wonderful piece of Indiana history.



EXCEPTIONAL CARVED AND PAINTED FOLK ART OWL DECOY. American, 20th century with carved beak and horns featuring hand forged iron hooks for talons. These hooks were made to allow the owl to be placed on a fence rail to be easily seen by crows. Excellent paint. Wonderful milk glass eyes with dimpled metal surrounds. Size, 19 inches tall, 6 inches wide. Price includes a custom base for display. From a Michigan collection.



ROUND APACHI BASKET. I've always had a fondness for Indian Baskets, especially when I find them in this amazing and pristine condition. Size, 14.5 inches in diameter. Appealing color, pattern and surface. c. 1910.


JESS BLACKSTONE NUTHATCH CARVING. Jess Blackstone, 1909 - 1988, lived most of his life in Concord, New Hampshire where he made a decent living carving song birds, duck and shorebirds along with his father. He carved thousands of birds keeping meticulous records of each one as to when it was carved. The number 406 on this Nuthatch indicates it was the 406th one he carved of this species. He also kept journals which indicate the exact date each carving was completed. I'll guess this one was done in the 1940s. It's perfect in every way. Size, 3 1/8 long, 2 inches tall.


19TH CENTURY RAILROAD FREE BLOWN BRASS & TIN LANTERN. As you see, the globe is etched CRR. We've searched the internet and as far as we know it stands for Central Rail Road. Given its usage, this lantern has survived in near mint condition. Its free blown globe remains in perfect condition. Size, 15 inches with its handle extended.



DELIGHTFUL PAIR OF VERY FOLKY BLUEBILL DECOYS. Judging from their untouched original condition, I don't feel these have seen much use. They remain in lovely condition and measure about 12 inches long.  Each head is turned with a uplifted tail section. Unknown carver. About 1940.



LARGE AND COLORFUL LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA GAMING WHEEL OF CHANCE. Simply said, if you're a condition freak and like color, you'll appreciate this most dramatic and appealing wheel. All its pins are intact. It also comes with its original bracket for easy mounting and spinning. Size, 30 inches in diameter.



ROOSTER WINDMILL WEIGHT. This larger example of a weight collectors refer to as "Woodmanse" was manufactured by the Elgin Wind Power and Pump Company, Elgin, Illinois. It has survived unblemished with a beautifully oxidized surface. It measures approximately 19 x 18 including its U-Shaped Base.

Circa: 1900. Weight, 63 pounds.


UNUSUAL 19TH CENTURY HARNESS SHOP TRADE SIGN. I cannot imagine the time and effort that went into both the design and making of this sign. Each letter was done in the manor of a reverse paining on glass. Silver tape outlines the letters which were then highlighted with foil, then backed with a black painted ground. I'm amazed each time I look at this extraordinary sign. Each letter is unblemished and not a single piece of glass is cracked. Each piece measures 10.5 x 7.5.



ROUND FINGER LAPPED AND DECORATED PANTRY BOX.  After this box was made in the 19th century, it was embellished with a floral vining motif and a bounty of various kinds of fruit. Both the box and its surface are in excellent condition. Size, 6.5 x 3.75.


COPPER FLAG POLE BALL. These have always appealed to me and especially so when you can find them in this surface. If you like surface, there is none better. Diameter, 8 inches. Circe, 1920. Price includes a metal stand.


A PAIR OF VERY ATTRACTIVE HAND MADE HOOKED MATS. You can't see this in the images, but each fruit is raised about 3/8 of an inch higher then that of its surrounding ground giving it a unique 3-D appearance. Perfect kitchen decor. Each one measures 7 inches square.

$395. the pair.


FRENCH DOLL FRAGMENT. Originally this doll had a wood strap hoop which has long since disappeared. I hope you agree the best part was left behind. Time and oxidation played key roles in achieving the toned color and surface which adorn her now. If you can appreciate and fancy this, you'll love this wonderful hand carved doll. Size, 12 inches tall. Late 19th century.



ROCKINGHAM GLAZED SEATED CAT. Made of yellow clay and perfectly glazed, this highly desirable cat just may be for you. Excellent condition, measuring 13.5 inches tall, 11 inches wide. Last quarter of the 19th century.



EARLY SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS FIRE BUCKET. The name on this bucket is "NAUMKEAG." Originally the name associated with the Indian Tribe in that region. In more modern usage it was used to refer to the original town name for Salem, Massachusetts. I believe this leather bucket was used by a fire club early in the 19th century in Salem. Very nice original condition and paint. Size, 19 inches tall, 8 inches in diameter.



HAND MADE AND PAINTED CHINESE CHECKER GAME BOARD. Color is everything!  Whether it be in hook rugs, quilts or game boards, it's the right colors that attract the eye and pleases the viewer. This board being no exception, I think you'll agree its colors are not only vibrant but, very pleasing to the eye. Some very minor paint loss but, overall quite good. Size, 16 inches square. Ca. 1940.



MAINE MERGANSER DECOY. This decoy was used and carved by the Simms Family of Friendship, Maine, ca: 1920 and possibly earlier. As you can see, it's been used and amazingly nearly all of its original paint still remains. Compare this decoy with the one pictured above and you'll see similarities of carvers from this area. The dominant carver in Friendship was of course George Huey. You can see how its style migrated to other carvers in the area. Size, 18.5 inches long. Excellent working condition.



GERMAN SANTA CLAUS. I'm guessing this was made early in the 20th century but you'd never know from looking at it. It's about as MINT as they come. Totally untouched and original. Marked Germany on the base. Size, 8.25 inches tall.



LATE 19TH OR EARLY 20TH CENTURY CHECKERS GAME BOARD. This is a gutsy little board in a amazingly crisp condition. I won't call it mint because of some very minor scuffs which in the big picture are easily forgiven. The red and black squares are defined with a soft yellow pin strip giving the board just a little more added punch. Size:12.5 inches square.



FRAMED CHECKER BOARD PAINTED ON STRETCHED OIL CLOTH. This is an very unusual game board all because of the choice of materials used in its making. I found this very unique. Almost make -do in thought. The board, its paint, color and surface are excellent. Also, note the Victorian embellishments applied to the four sides surrounding the squares. A nice added touch! Size: 16.5 x 17.5



SMALLER SIZE 19TH CENTURY TOLE DECORATED TIN DOCUMENT BOX. Great color, surface, design and condition. Decorated tin in good condition like this are getting so hard to find these days. Found in Maine. Size, 6.5 x 3.75 x 3.25. Excellent condition.



19TH CENTURY BURL BOWL. Purchased privately from a Massachusetts collection. This bowl retains a very appealing rich warm color and remains in excellent condition. Size: 14.5 x 3.5  Note the very shallow depth of this bowl.



19TH CENTURY PEWTER COFFEE POT SIGNED F. ( FREEMAN ) PORTER, WESTBROOK, MAINE. This is a very nice pot bellied coffeepot that has remained in Excellent Condition. Size: 11.5 inches tall.



AMERICAN ASH TURNED BURL BOWL. Skillfully turned with great form and surface. This is the kind of burl you look at with your fingertips, not your eyes! 

In person you'll appreciate the soft dry scrubbed surface as you lightly skim over it. Size: 12.5 inches round, 4 inches deep. You won't find a better bowl with more defined burl and color.



HAND BLOWN, OPEN PONTLE, WESTFORD, CT. DARK AMBER FLASK. Very nice original flawless condition. Size, 7.5 inches tall.



BALE HANDLED PEASEWARE JAR. This tiny gem has survived unscathed throughout the years. Advanced collectors will not only appreciate its condition but its lovely nut brown color as well. Not including its handle, it measures only 3 inches tall. Made in Northeast Ohio about 1860.


BALE HANDLED PEASEWARE JAR. This little gem has survived unscathed though out the years. Advanced collectors will not only appreciate its condition but its lovely nut brown color as well. Not including its handle, it measures only 3 3/4 inches tall. Made in Northeast Ohio about 1860.



19TH CENTURY "MAIL" BOX. This very unique box comes from the collection of Lynne and Paul Weaver, formally of Maine and Massachusetts. The Weavers always had a special eye when choosing additions to their collection. The color, surface and condition of this box accurately reflects their good taste. Size, 14 x 7 x 6. Age, about 1840.



VERY RARE DENTIST FIGURAL TRADE SIGN. After 48 years in business, this is the first time I've had the pleasure of owning this rare and hard to find figural trade sign. The tooth is constructed of hard rock maple and has its original hand wrought iron hanging bracket. Also, please note the "gold filling" which I feel adds to its overall character and presence. Offered in its original and untouched painted surface. Size, 22 T, about 8 inches square. Ca. 1890.



RARE OFFERING OF A PAIR OF 19TH C SQUASHED GLOBE ONION LANTERNS. I can't ever recall seeing a lantern made out of copper before. Here's a pair! They're in perfect condition with nice signs of use and wear. Each measures14 inches tall including the handle. The globes are 8 inches in diameter. $2250. the pair.


19TH CENTURY WATERCOLOR PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A YOUNG WOMAN. This is truly one of the most impressive and highly detailed small portraits I have ever seen that I'm unable to attribute to a specific artist. Not only is she well done…..she's beautiful!  Intricate details to her face, hair and clothing are unsurpassed. The sitter is identified as Ann Allen Ousterhout from Newport, Rhode Island. ( 1796 - 1877 ) She is buried in Catskill, New York. 

Ca. 1820.


SMALL COPPER AND ZINC BANNERETTE WEATHERVANE. Made by J. Howard Co., Bridgewater, Connecticut about 1860. Howard is the only weathervane maker that used solid zinc in the first third of his vanes with cut sheet copper comprising the remaining two thirds. The focal point of this vane is of course its stylized sunburst tail section. A very nice natural verdigris color enhances this vane and aside from a few bullet holes, it remains in excellent condition. Size, 24 inches long. 9 inch sunburst. Price includes a custom wall bracket.  



HIGH BACK MICHIGAN CANVASBACK DRAKE DECOY. This vintage working decoy has all the exceptional attributes one looks for in a decoy, great form, original paint plus amazing and impressive carving details to its head and bill areas. I'm fairly confident this was used on the lower Detroit River and made in the 1930s. Size, 15.5 inches long.



NEW ENGLAND TIN AND GLASS ONION LANTERN WITH WHALE OIL BURNER.  This little beauty measures 11 inches tall with a 4.5 inch diameter globe and remains in exceptional condition without issues. About 1840.



RARE CAST IRON OWL ANDIRONS WITH HUGE GLASS EYES. This form is the largest of the owl andirons measuring nearly 21 inches tall. They're signed Howes and from what I can tell, were hardly ever used. They're clean and about as mint as they come. The log dogs extend 20 inches. Ca. 1920.



HUGE 6 SIDED MOLD BLOWN DECORATED PICKLE BOTTLE. It's hard finding pickle bottles this large, in this darker color and in this condition. We just don't see many like this anymore. Size, 13 inches tall. Perfect condition.



20TH CENTURY HEAVY IRON CLOWN SHOOTING GALLERY TARGET. This phenomenal target remains in excellent condition and still has all of its mechanical works. When a bullet enters its center hole, it trips a lever which in turn rings a bell. Several coats of old park paint have been used over the years and I think what's left is very attractive and eye catching. Size, 18 1/2 inches tall on a custom stand, 9 3/4 inches wide.



ODD FELLOWS CEREMONIAL SNAKE STAFF. Hand carved and painted snake winding its way up a shaft toward the spear head. Exceptional carving and paint. Excellent condition. 64 inches long. Early 20th century.


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